New Year, New Features

Jan 29, 2007 • tziek

Last week we got busy and implemented some (minor) changes:

1- System to synchronize (other) game communities with punkbuster guids in our YAWn! database. As you might have read, stepped forward and provides us regularly with a great deal of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory guids. Thanks taLa, rafiki & co. The new information is visible, using the new icon , on the server details page and on the player search form. We might consider to implement this as well in the next release of the YAWn! Client.

Does your game-community register punkbuster guids for any game we support? Don’t hesitate to contact us and get synced! :)

2- Activity details (for both services and YAWn! client actions) can now be accessed on the website.

On a side note, the ongoing YUCON developments are still on track. More later!