YAWn!.NET Version 1.1.1 is available

Nov 27, 2005 • tziek

What’s new?

  • Implementation of YAWn protocol 1.1
  • Quake 4 compatible (client patch 1.0.4 is required!)
  • -minimize startup parameter
  • Revised serverstatus code (+ Q4 implementation - protocol 2.62 only)
  • Introducing `/yawn showresults : shows results dialog ingame - still buggy in some circumstances, esp in Q4
  • Several fixes
  • Top YAWn! users

Users having an older version installed are advised to upgrade.

For new Quake4 users: be sure to read the FAQ, how to get started and other documentation available before installing. Note that YAWn should work for all mods available, however it’s possible it will not report correctly the modname/url or any other mod-related information to the database (if available). Also, be aware that when a next game-patch is released, YAWn might not function correctly anymore, due to Q4 server-protocol changes and/or client changes.