YAWn! - The concept

YAWn! as a concept starts to grow in the minds of some Return to Castle Wolfenstein players. Within the RTCW BENELUX community, and specially within BOOZZEGAMING the project begins to materialize.


Beta version(s)

First (beta) versions of the YAWn! client are published. Among the first users were TZiek., [DZM]GoldDragon, -)NW(-Legionair and Longjacket, playing on public servers like Konijn or Telenet, or the first matches on RtCW servers powered by BGAMES.BE and GameServers.net


YAWn! for admins

A YAWn! clientside tool for server admins is developed and shared among a closed community. The tool never was never honoured with a public release.


YAWn! stats

YAWn! client software is extended with stats registration capabilities. Number of kills, servers, time played... and lots more were registered and delivered to the website.


YAWn! online (RCON)

The client side YAWn! for server administrators was never released officially, instead a web version is created. Server administrators are able to configure their server for auto-YAWn! and/or on request YAWn!. Supported games are Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Call of Duty.


Official YAWn! client for linux release

Thanks Eclipse for finishing the YAWn! linux client.


Planning to support multiple games

With Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory being released, plans for a code re-write are made, supporting multiple games. The main focus is on Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, while dreaming of a YAWn! client compatible with Quake 3, Call of Duty and Soldier of Fortune.


Official release YAWn!.NET

After lots of development and testing time, finally YAWn!.NET Version 1.0.5 is released. The focus switched to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, but we're supporting Call of Duty, Quake 3 and obviously still Return to Castle Wolfenstein!


Official release YAWn!.NET version 1.1.1

Since the last client release YAWn! activity peaked. This client release introduces Quake 4 as supported game.


Banlist(s) and warnings

The YAWn! warning list has been synchronized with punksbusted.com’s public banlist for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Although the other games were already having the feature, this triggers yet another peak in activity.


Yet more games supported?

Game specific patches more often than not disrupted YAWn! client to work correctly. Therefore we played with the idea to limit usage of game specific client console, and instead make use of other means. This would give the benefit of supporting even more Punkbuster enabled games. Although development started and future looked bright, the original plan to release this as version 2.0 was never executed.


Online YAWn! PBUCON plans

Backend development has started to support PunkBuster UDP Console (PBUCON) profiles created by server administrators, as alternative to the existing RCON service. This would include support for Quake 3, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Soldier of Fortune 2, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2 but also Quake 4, Doom 3 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.


Online YAWn! (RCON) supports COD2

Call of Duty 2 is added to the list of YAWn! online (RCON) compatible games: Call of Duty, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. In the mean time the PBUCON feature is still in development.


Link to (other) game communities

A system to synchronize other game communities with punkbuster guids in our YAWn! database was invented. Crossfire.nu provides us regularly with a great deal of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory guids and a link to their user profile. The links were visible on the YAWn! website and in the YAWn! client software. Unfortunately talks with the former clanbase.com community lead to nowhere. No other communities stepped forward.


Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - life beyond ET Pro ...

We've enabled YAWn! client to support Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory servers running mods other than ET Pro.


YAWn! warnings now support Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars completes the list of supported MBL and MBI warnings on the YAWn! website. It joins Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, Quake 3, Quake 4 and Soldier of Fortune 2 in the fun.


Maintenance, maintenance and more maintenance

Severals events in 2008 lead to a lot of downtime. Various urgent fixes and maintenance on both server- and clientside were done throughout 2008.


Tweaks, tweaks and more tweaks

Various tweaks were performed on both server- and clientside throughout 2008 improving performance and user experience. We picked up were we left of in 2008.


Social media

To keep things challenging technology wise, we're playing with facebook and twitter API. Nothing earth-shattering :-).


Keeping the lights on

No more features, no more maintenance ... We are just keeping the lights on ...


The end.

We no longer are urged to keep the lights on. Let's wrap up and say goodbye. Goodbye! Thanks all!