What is was YAWn! ?

YAWn! originated early 2003 as a tool for the Return to Castle Wolfenstein community to identify unknown players, commonly referred to as nicklamers or aliassers. The concept grew bigger to become a database containing servers and mods, but most importantly punkbuster guids and player names. Games such as Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, Soldier of Fortune 2, Quake 3 Arena were originally supported. Later Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Quake 4 were added to the list. The most active game most certainly was Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, followed closely by its predecessor Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Home of YAWn!

YAWn! has been powered by BOOZZEGAMING a very long time. BOOZZEGAMING - more commonly known as -=[BZZ]=-, BZZ, BooZZe, BZZGAMING or boozze.be - provided server(s), mental support, software support, ideas, help and most of a all, a great time! YAWn! wouldn't have been the same without the engine of BOOZZEGAMING.

Client software

Last release of the client software dates back to 2007. You've been using it ever since? I'm impressed :-).

Player search

Since May 2018, having over 15 years of service, the database is offline, player search is no longer available. It's time to move on :-).

Special thanks

A special thank you goes to -=[BZZ|TZiek.]=-,
-=[BZZ|Pack]=-, -=[BZZ|BroQ]=-, -=[BZZ|Dis4ea]=-,
-=[BZZ|sil]=-, -=[BZZ|Long]=-, MoV|Eclipse , .xph|frog and [DZM]Moby

Master Ban List(s)

Punksbusted.com has been retired long ago, pbbans.com still has juice left. Nevertheless, there will no longer be any synchronization of ban lists.

Online YAWn!

Sorry dear server administrators, since May 2018, having over 12 years of service, the feature has retired.