Happy Birthday YAWn!

Feb 11, 2005 • tziek

just noticed that in February 2003 we officially started YAWn!. Yes, yes, that makes the YAWn! project 2 years old! Time flies! Quote dating back to one and a half month after official release (March 2003):

Well, well, we’re still up and running here! At the moment we have more than 5200 unique guids and more than 8000 nicks in our database. Let’s go for that 10000! C’mon! Yeh :)

Anyway, coming up the next few days:

  • User registration
  • Add your own server to Online Yawn (for registered users only)
  • Make your server yawnable for the public (on request)
  • Detailed statistics per day

Still in development, but making progress each day: YAWn.NET Client for ET/RtCW/COD.

I noticed a lot of “yawn-alike” applications out there these days, so if you think you can help us in any way, feel free to contact us.