YAWn! WEB Admin

Oct 12, 2003 • tziek

When the first YAWn! client version was released, there were already requests for a YAWn version for serveradmins. Since that never got released officially, we release the server side version today.

####What does it do? If you are a serveradmin or you just happen to have the rconpassword, you can YAWn! the complete server without having any YAWn! client tool installed or running. Just browse to the YAWn! WEB admin, fill in the rconpassword and serverip and YAWn! the complete server. Every player will be inserted in the YAWn! database, and links to their other nicks are displayed. Ofcourse for now this is for RtCW servers only. For bugs or requests you know where to find me.

Another thing we started is the AutoYAWn WEB tool. You can read some of the features here already. I’ll post more about it later…