ET guids - the sequel

Jun 6, 2003 • tziek


A new facility is being developed for the Enemy Territory edition of PunkBuster called the Alias Tracking Facility. For PB Admins who wish to enable this facility, PunkBuster will track all aliases (different player names) used by each player (GUID) as well as how many times that GUID/alias combination joins the server, when each alias was first used, and last used.

Functionality is provided to allow multiple servers on a single box or a LAN to share one PB Alias database file. Experienced ET/PB Admins running popular public servers who are interesting in helping beta test this facility should email us at [email protected] and let us know of your interest - please provide at least one server IP:Port where this will be tested. Once out of beta testing, this facility will be expanded to include additional functions and tracking capabilities

So far this kinda looks like our familiar YAWn! thingie? :x Nice idea Evenbalance :p. Any ET-admins testing this, that can contact me for some extra testing? Does this improve anything on the “ez-to-generate-a-new-guid”-problem?