Patches and fixes

May 25, 2006 • tziek

Changes done to website and serverside services:

  • Proper error message returned to client when guid is in use for another yawn user.
  • Online YAWn! now properly parsing punkbuster response.
  • (Minimal) decrease in bandwidth use in communication to clients.
  • Older client versions (prior to 1.1.1) will no longer work to force everyone to use yawn protocol 1.1.

I hope Online YAWn! is still working correctly for all games. Only had the possibility to test with a Wolfenstein: Enemty Territory` server. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to start a thread in the forum. A client fix to address punkbusters output change will follow soon (still today).

Here it is, download the latest YAWn! version now!.

Note that this will not fix the issue with ID Software patches messing up punkbuster. This issue can only be fixed by evenbalance, and will be as soon as they release a new punkbuster client version. If you still want to be able to use YAWn! in the mean time, you should play on a none-patched client machine.