Keeping you updated

May 2, 2003 • tziek

Ok, it is May already! Well, since the exciting releases of these last few weeks (ET Demo / Wolftactics), and a major feeling of lazyness, nothing is to be released.

Good news is that I found my groove back yesterday. So there will most probably be a beta version of YAWn!-admin somewhere next week. Oh yeah, by the way, we got more than 13000 guids baby!

YAWn!-admin tool With this tool, admins can YAWn! their server(s) manually and/or automatically at any time. Currently still a bit buggy, and some security is to be built in.

YAWn! client Apart from the minor bugs fixes, I thought I would add some YAWn commands to the rtcw console. This will look like /yawn guid XXXXXXXX. But I’m kinda not 100% behind the idea. I want some user opinions first :).

Feel free to express your ideas about these tools/updates in the forums. I need your input :p