Oct 3, 2005 • tziek

Yesterday a quickfix for version 1.0.7 was released. The previous released 1.0.7 version reported to the server as being 1.0.6. Downloadable version now is

On a side note and for your interest; reports and activitylogs can be accessed using the More … hyperlink in the activity section on your right. It shows general as well as game specific activity.

Last but not least, a tip for the enemy territory users. To see who’s (yawn-)registered on the server, you can use the following bind:

/bind k echo [skipnotify]/yawn both 

To switch back to the etproguidonly mode, use this bind:

/bind j echo [skipnotify]/yawn etproguidonly 

For games other than ET these extra arguments are useless. The “feature” is available in all versions, but was never documented. So here you go.