Bèta testers needed

Jun 25, 2003 • tziek

After some crashes and lots of formats and code-losses, I started working on the stats-idea again. It looks like I soon need some bèta-testers.

What does it include already:

1) Registering frags, kills,… (obvious) [only while running OSP] 2) At the end of a SW-round (2 single rounds), stats are submitted to server. 3) Every SW-round is linked to an active RtCW-session 4) We can give an overview on: total kills/frags/… on how many rounds, servers, time played… 5) Possibility to give your current RtCW-session a name (e.g. a name that identifies your public play, and another that identifies a clan war) 6) Clanwars stats: each member running YAWn! gives his session the same name. So a total statsoverview per war is possible. 7) You don’t need to run 3rd party log parsers to generate stats, since it’s submitting automatically. 8) Changing name(s) won’t f*ck up stats

What is to be added:

1) Name(s) should not be unique anymore (current logparsers are f*cked when 2 guys are playing with the same name) 2) Detailed statistics for each weapons and class 3) What maps are played during a session 4) Add OSP generated stats to the session 5) [your ideas here]

I hope to finalize a first bèta version by the end of June/beginning of July. If someone is interested in testing, send an email to extralarge at freegates dot be, or contact me on forum or irc (#-=[bzz]=- @ quakenet).

Other updates

Included in this new update, there will also be some bugfixes and improvements (for normal YAWn! use): 1) Specifying mod directory not needed anymore 2) Minor bugfixes on general use (exporting html/…)

Also working on a simple gamebrowser to include in YAWn!. You can specify some favourite servers for ET/RtCW and connect to them using YAWn!. I hope to add this in a release soon too.