YAWn! The next generation...

Nov 2, 2004 • tziek

First step for the new YAWn! generation has been set :). We needed a new database structure for multiple games support and we moved to new hosting. This new site is one of many changes for YAWn, allthough still a lot of work needs to be done.

Be aware that previous YAWn! software is most likely not going to function anymore. The new software is still in development, for now you can still use this site to do player and guid lookups. Don’t forget to change your current links to match the new site buildup, I’m sure you guys don’t mind :).

Note: don’t bother register or login yet, since that feature (and many others) isn’t implemented yet :). To support the multiple games you will have to reregister as soon as the client software is finished.

If you think you can support YAWn! in any way (financially, ideas, testing, … you name it), feel free to contact us. It’s always good to know that what we are trying to do is appreciated by the users and communities. Afterall we are just doing this in our spare time for YOU. So feel free to hop in your IRC channel(s) and give some feedback.

Now, let’s get settled in :).