YAWn!.NET 1.0.6 available

Aug 15, 2005 • tziek

Several fixes are implemented. You are adviced to download and install the new version. More information on how “upgrading” and installing is included in the readme.txt.

  • Server ip addresses are now DNS resolved before submitted
  • Alias tracking functionality (punkbuster) no longer screws up yawn
  • Tried to fix yawn not responding after quiting game and starting a new instance (including a memory leak :p)
  • cg_drawnotifytext 1 no longer needed
  • Fix for missing mod_url in server infostring for RTCW (1.33) Shrub
  • REQ: Add option to startup with windows (installer)

Edit: Just added a quick fix, be sure you have build (or higher). You can check your version in the about dialog. Download again if needed :).