After the heat

Aug 2, 2006 • tziek

I’ve quickly tested the latest Quake4 point release, hoping they would have changed their viewlog console attitude. However, sad to say, they didn’t change a thing. YAWn! client, as the current version is, is still incompatible with Quake 4.

On the bright side, I noticed YAWn! client still works with the 1.60b Enemy Territory patch. It seems punkbuster does it job correctly in 1.60b- patched-ET. For RTCW however, punkbuster client didn’t update yet (correct me if I’m wrong). So leave those RTCW client machines unpatched for now :).

Further more, we’re thinking to support all punkbuster supported games in the future. The client 2.0 version will soon be in development, but there is still a long way to go. Let us know what extra features you would like. As always, leave your ideas in the forum.