Enemy Territory and GUIDs

May 31, 2003 • tziek

Enemy Territory, something we all were looking forward to is released some days ago. So I checked the possibility of YAWn! for ET.

Since Punkbuster GUIDs, until now, were always based on CDKeys you could easily identify a player by his UNIQUE guid.

Now with ET, this guid is not based on a unique CDKey anymore. So it’s possible for the players to have a different GUID whenever they feel like it. E.g.: I got kicked for 30 minutes on a test server. I deleted my etkey and I could connect again. Why? Well, I got another guid now.

1) What’s the use in banning guids on your server? They can connect using another guid. 2) These etkeys, are they unlimited? I mean, if I delete my etkey over and over again. This is going to be a problem? :) 3) I can easily copy the etkey file from another player and use his guid to lame on servers. 4) What’s the use in registering your nickname (evenbalance nick registration service) 5) If I reinstall I have another guid :( 6) No Yawn stats for ET :p

I think there is yet much to do on this matter for evenbalance. Anyway, YAWn! for ET will not be very successful when guids are easily (re)generated :(.