Update soon... and some statistics

Aug 13, 2005 • tziek

While all the QuakeCon action is happening, I just wanted to mention that by the end of the weekend there will probably be an update to version 1.0.6. Just to let you know!

Now some boring statistics since the release of YAWn!.NET 1.0.5:

Averages of: 1522 nicks were added per day. 26 users were added per day. 31 users per day, actually doing something.

For Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory the averages each day were: 687 etproguids added 2005 etproguids spotted 26 new servers added 102 servers spotted (activity)

Congrats W:ET community, you’ve added 15000 guids in less than a month. Let’s compare that to RTCW in its glory days, where we had only 5000 guids after a month and a half.

Although, RtCW still runs second (however still low yawn activity): Average of 16 new pbguids each day (suppose to be dead right? :)). Average of 132 pbguids spotted each day.

There! Now go back to your game ;).